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At LSW Architectural, we have access to a large variety of contemporary and traditional door handles and architectural hardware. This includes but is not limited to door handles and knobs, door pulls, cabinetry, sliding door tracks, hinges, electric latches, door seals and door pivots. We are able to source these products as a standard look and finish, as well as being able to provide a custom design service.

These and other related products are sourced from Australian manufacturers and suppliers including Olivari, Designer Doorware, Kethy, Parisi, Centor, Halliday + Baillie, Superior Brass, Tradco, Bankston, Castella, Zanda, Novas and Brio.



Specialist resellers of contemporary and traditional door handles and hardware, LSW Architectural delivers the latest products from leading Australian brands. In 2001, having been previously involved in the door hardware business for over 20 years, Daniel found that the market was lacking in places. This inspired him to open LSW Architectural with his own philosophy and expertise, making it different from the others.
From first impressions to everyday functionality, investing in premium door hardware offers long-lasting results that are well worth the investment. With over 30 years of experience, our Sydney based business have delivered high-quality doors for interior and exterior environments. The cornerstone of our service lies in supplying styles and finishes that not only stand out, but products that are built to last.
No matter the project, we offer great service and prompt delivery for all orders. When the time comes to supply door handles, knobs, hinges, door seals and latches for your architectural or interiors project, LSW Architectural have the proven track record to deliver high-end results.


LSW Architectural deliver first-class door handles for residential builds and commercial settings. Our Sydney based operation brings over 30 years of experience to the table, a period in which we have worked hand-in-hand with architects, builders, renovators and interior designers.

Delivering great service and prompt delivery for all orders, we supply one the largest collections of architectural door handles in Sydney. This extensive selection of traditional, privacy, passage and contemporary styles includes products from Tradco, Olivari, Designer Doorware, Novas, Superior Brass and many more.

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